If you indulge your beloved dog with occasional peanut butter, please be aware of an increasingly common artificial sweetener called Xylitol.

Xylitol is very toxic to dogs even in small quantities.

“Ingestion of as little as 0.1 gram (g) of xylitol per kilogram (kg) of body weight (0.1 g/kg) can cause a rapid and dangerous drop in a dog’s blood sugar (a condition called “hypoglycemia”). Hypoglycemia can show as staggering, appearing disoriented, collapse, weakness, and seizures. Just slightly more than that, approx. 0.5 g/kg xylitol ingestion, can lead to debilitating, and sadly often deadly, destruction of a dog’s liver cells.”


For an extensive list of peanut butter and other products that contain Xylitol please visit Preventative Vet.

And as always, please read those ingredients and make certain your dog 100% cannot gain access to any product with the sweetener or products with Xylitol.

You may view and download this Peer Reviewed information on xylitol canine toxicity here or view online here.

Dirty Work Pet Services, LLC are not veterinarians.  All information is issued in the spirit of helping our beloved pets and their families.  Please consult your vet with any questions or concerns.  IF YOUR DOG HAS INGESTED XYLITOL YOU SHOULD SEEK EMERGENCY CARE.